Wild World – Book Review

Title : Wild World Author Name : Deepak Arora COVER: REVIEW : I was pretty much intrigued to read this book by Deepak Arora, not only because it has got something different in its content but also because the there is something more to fiction and fantasy here. "Wild world", as the name suggests gives... Continue Reading →


Aranghya and Jahar – Book Review

Title : Aranghya and Jahar: Bandahar Series - 1 Author : Vindhya Iyer COVER : REVIEW : Aranghya and Jahar: Bandahar Series - 1 by Vindhya Iyer, very well demonstrates itself to be in the realms of fantasy that readers often wish to ride. What intrigued me to read the book is the chaos breaking... Continue Reading →

Mumtaj and Tajmahal – Book Review

Title : Mumtaj and Tajmahal Author : Pravin Anand COVER : REVIEW : I was overwhelmed on seeing such a magnificent cover. Taj never looked this beautiful, to be honest. Coming to the storyline, Mumtaj and Tajmahal by Pravin Anand is a shadow that has been cast by 'Love', made by Shah Jahan and Mumtaj... Continue Reading →

Dare Dreamers – Book Review

Title : Dare Dreamers - A Start Up Of Superheroes Author : Karthik Sharma & Ravi 'Nirmal' Sharma. COVER : REVIEW : Dare Dreamers, as the title suggests, is the story of people who dares to dream, even by being surrounded by odds. Rasiq, an investment banker who did quit his job being aware of... Continue Reading →

Earth To Centauri – Book Review

Title : Earth To Centauri : The First Journey Author : KUMAR L COVER : REVIEW : "The book is a gem", something ought to be mentioned. The plot mainly revolves around a space probe Voyager 1 that was launched by NASA, in the year 1977. The happenings in the story take place in years... Continue Reading →

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