Flight To Societal Moksha


Between You and Me – Flight To Societal Moksha’ by Atul Khanna is an informative read regarding the constitution of our nation. It puts forward the most important question to the citizens i.e., regarding laws and their enforcements ( which isn’t strong in our country). Also, the eligibility of a candidate to represent his/her state is brought into limelight as people being blindfolded by vows, votes the wrong candidate with having least knowledge of their credentials.

The book seems to be a work of ebullient research as the discussions made are abyss deep. The narration is great, to be honest. Reading it feels like a reader and the narrator are having a healthy conversation. The perfection in language is something that readers would adore.

Conclusion : Politics disinterests me. But, reading this masterpiece I am aware of those facts every citizen should know. Other than that, how much your decision matters in the upliftment of your nation. Had a great time reading this book. In short, it’s an eye opener to me.

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